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Flamenco is a very popular and expressive form of dancing. It has become a very well-known art form all over the world. France and the USA now host numerous flamenco festivals and Japan even has more flamenco academies than in Spain! In addition, flamenco has recently been declared as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Flamenco Agency, which is based in Seville; the home of flamenco, is a company that deals with the artistic representation and organisation of flamenco shows. In our portfolio you will find an excellent balance between flamenco shows which are traditional and contemporary.
We are a distributor of flamenco shows that promote above all flamenco dance in the form of flamenco ballet, with a ballet corps, and also in smaller format; including flamenco song, guitar and flamenco piano too.

Flamenco Agency offers: flamenco management, international tours and also guidance for the organisation of festivals, events, congresses and workshops of flamenco.
Dr. Jaime Trancoso, the founder and director of Flamenco Agency, is a musicologist, agent, representative, manager, producer and pianist born Seville. He has a doctorate in flamenco with a thesis from the University of Seville which was awarded the best doctoral thesis by the town hall of Seville. He also has a Masters in Cultural Management from the University of London.


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Naturally Flamenco

The Andalusian Flamenco Ballet is the highest institutional representative of flamenco and has played, since its creation in 1994 —over 25 years ago—, the role of ambassador of flamenco.

Artistic expression is part of human nature. It has existed since the dawn of our species. Consequently, it is the result of a process of natural evolution, as well as of our own evolution as individuals.

Flamenco Reborn

“Flamenco Reborn” is a new and fresh Flamenco Ballet production that has been performed in some of the best international festivals and venues in Spain. Get ready to go on journey through Spain whilst experiencing a range of different ‘palos’ (styles or Flamenco forms). Our artists will lead you through this vibrant Flamenco landscape with ‘Alegrias’ from Cadiz, ‘Tangos’ from Malaga and ‘Bulerias’ from Jerez. These forms come together in a stunning and diverse programme, filling the stage with passion, energy and the richness of Flamenco.
This modern and vibrant show guarantees a full house!

Barcelona Flamenco Ballet



"Thank you again for your assistance in making some of the flamenco events of our flamenco days happening. It was overall successful and very well received."​

Ms. Christina C. Scheppelmann​

Director General Royal Opera House Muscat (Oman)

"I believe that a large share of the applause goes to people like you whose unstinting support inspire and enable us to make each year more spectacular than ever."

Mr. Constantin Chiriac

President of Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romania)

“The Spanish Flamenco Ballet was superb, an amazing spectacle for eyes and ears in such a beautiful place as the Krizanke at Ljubljana Festival."​

Mr. Darko Brlek​

Ljubljana Festival's Artistic Director (Slovenia) and former President of the European Festivals Association (EFA-AEF)

"We are very happy to receive these (AC/E) grants, which really do help us in presenting artists from Spain! Looking forward to further collaboration!"​

Ms. Hilde Bjørkum

Director/Artistic and managing director. Førde Traditional and World Music Festival (Norway)

"I believe that a large share of the applause goes to people like you whose unstinting support inspire and enable us to make each year more spectacular than ever."

Mr. J.S.Uberoi

Bangkok’s International Festival of Dance and Music Bangkok (Thailand)

"I want express my deep gratitude for the great performance you brought to Latvia. Please send my best regards to every artist."

Ms. Inese Zagorska

Artistic Director of Cesis Concert Hall (Latvia)

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