Based in Seville, where Flamenco was born

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Belen is the daughter of two of the greatest flamenco dancers: Carmen Mora and Mario Maya. As an omen to her future international success Belen was born in New York City while her parents were on tour there.

Belen's dance style originates from a personal need to do what is not written. To see her perform is a journey of the Flamenco tradition; for this reason, she was asked by Carlos Saura to represent the future generations of Flamenco in the movie "Sevillanas".

The "bata de cola" (the traditional, long flamenco dress) worn in Belen Maya's performances complements her dance technique and represents the renaissance of the Flamenco female dancer of today. Her form of dance while wearing this dress allows maximum expression and delicacy which was perfectly demonstrated in her recent shows (Dibujos, Souvenir and La Voz de su Amo). Transparent and in balance with tradition Belen Maya's technique has been perfected allowing her to become the best female Flamenco dancer