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Surprise your guests with something they will never expect!

Guitarist, dancer and a singer. This is the well-known and well-loved structure of most Flamenco shows, but it is not widely known that Flamenco is played with instruments other than these. In fact there are Flamenco saxophonists, violinists and pianists as well!

Our Flamenco Pianists are well known in the field for their distinctive musicality, and we urge you to choose this show so you can experience and encourage a beautifully unique branch of Flamenco!
This show is offered with either traditional Flamenco music, or Flamenco-Jazz music. Additionally, know that you can choose the timbre and the number of dancers. You also have the option to choose from the following instruments to accompany the piano: a cajon (box-drum), a singer, a double bass and clapping artists.
Please enjoy our new video of the Flamenco Piano & Dance show. We have kept the live music, so you’ll get a more authentic impression of the performance.