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Crimson blood on golden sand. Passionate love and the sweetest death. Beauty and pain. Reason and brutality. TORERA tells the story of the strained coexistence of the conflicting sides of human nature.

Deep tensions pulsating beneath the surface peak when the characters are confronted by the conflicting masks of their own reflections. And there, expressing her inner turmoil, is Woman, a chastised symbol of patriarchal civilisation, the embodiment of all women, moving in perfect harmony with the most revered emblem of our heritage: the Bull. This animal’s heartbeat is the rhythm that moves an entire people, the people of Andalucía.

This show’s world première’s will be at the Bienal de Flamenco de Málaga on June 16th and 17th, 2017, and at the Bangkok’s International Festival of Dance and Music on Septiember 22, 2017. Please send us an email here to get an invitation.