Based in Seville, where Flamenco was born

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 Trini HZ

La Trini sings flamenco, jazz, copla, saeta and bolero in all kinds of different fusions. She also performs classical repertoire such as Amor Brujo, with the Presjovem Orchestra and Symphonic Orchestra Simon Bolivar, in Germany, Spain, Portugal and Venezuela. La Trini’s extensive experience also extends to musicals and saetas.

La Trini began her musical education from a very early age at the Conservatory in Cordoba. This instilled a broad spectrum of knowledge and helped flourish her professional career. Since this time she has worked alongside artists such as Kiko Veneno, Raimundo Amador and Presuntos Implicados not to mention collaborations with Yoko Komatsubara and the Jaleo Flamenco companies.