Based in Seville, where Flamenco was born

Belen Maya

Twenty years ago, “Flamenco” by Carlos Saura, an indispensable film in the filmography of the flamenco song form, known as the cante jondo, premiered. In his film, the filmmaker director chose Belén Maya as one of the representatives of the new aesthetics of flamenco. Her image even inspired the promotional poster of the film. Belén Maya’s freshness, originality and personality captivated the prestigious filmmaker, who justified his choice with the eloquent phrase: “it doesn’t seem like flamenco”. Ever since, Belén Maya has become an icon of cutting-edge flamenco dancing.

In 2014 Belén Maya celebrated her three decades of professional life, diving into the depths of classicism with the show Los Invitados (The guests), a show which won the Critics Award at the Festival in Jerez. This Festival is the most important one in the world, which is specifically dedicated to flamenco dancing. Now, twenty years after her recognition as a cutting-edge artist, Belén Maya has decided to continue exploring new paths.

Belén Maya’s new proposal brings to life the verses of Juan Ramón Jiménez when he wrote: “the wings of the artist become rooted and her roots fly…”.

Her proposal; “Romnia”, women, in Romany, is a celebration of Gypsyness, without feeling victimized. The show –sometimes compassionate, sometimes joyful- looks at the plight of women, whose courage to survive has led them to a new ethical and aesthetic commitment.


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