Based in Seville, where Flamenco was born

Flamenco Guitarist

Our Flamenco Guitarists are available for a range of different occasions and are always a fun and authentically Spanish addition! You can book a guitarist to play a concert in a theatre, or to provide enriching background entertainment at a cocktail party.

Our Flamenco Guitarists differ from our Spanish guitarists in many ways so choose this option to enjoy uniquely Flamenco techniques such as picado, rasgueado, alzapua, and tremolo.

The artists have expert knowledge of the Flamenco palos, and are also very well versed in the work of Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo, Sabicas and other Flamenco masters. We pride ourselves in our flexibility, so you can have as much, or as little control of the music as you desire. We only ask that the decisions regarding the music be sorted out in advance.

If you want a more lively party with dancing, then we would highly recommend that in addition to the guitarist you also book a singer and cajon (flamenco box-drum). This stellar Flamenco trio will give your guests a fantastic evening of flamenquito music, comprised of the most festive Flamenco palos: rumbas and sevillanas.

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