Based in Seville, where Flamenco was born

Sergio Monroy

Sergio Monroy is one of the best Flamenco Pianists in Spain. He was born in Cadiz in 1980. He combines his passion for Flamenco with his studies at the music school of Manuel de Falla de Cadiz, where other talented Flamenco pianists studied as well as for example Felipe Campuzano. He began his career very young, at only 16. He received classes of Flamenco Piano in Madrid by Maestro Arturo Pavon, and in Cadiz by Maestro Antonio Escobar Perera.

Monroy is the winner of ‘El Filon’, first prize of the 51st International Mine Singing Festival (similar to the National Award of Flamenco Music). He was also a finalist of the ‘National Flamenco Critics Award’ of 2004 with his first work of Flamenco Piano ‘Monroy’.

He balances his career as a soloist whilst also accompanying numerous artists such as: Miguel Poveda, Pasion Vega, Tim Ries, Andres Marin, Javier Latorre, Maria Angeles Gabaldon, Mariana Cornejo, La Tobala, Pedro Sierra, Maria Jose Santiago, Maita Vende ca, El Barrio etc.

He devoted himself to becoming a soloist in the 14th International Jazz Festival of San Javier, where he shared the stage with famous jazz artists such as Lee Ritenour, Hiromi, and Wynton Marsalis, among others.

Sergio has conquered countless stages in his artistic journey, which has lasted more than two decades. Without a doubt, Sergio Monroy is one of the best representations of pianists associated with Flamenco Jazz. He has recently released his 4th album or CD.

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