‘El Colorao’ & Granada Flamenco Ballet

We are thrilled to share recent news about one of our flamenco singers from Granada, Sergio Gómez ‘El Colorao’ who has presented his new music album ‘Graná’ at the headquarters of the Andalusian Institute of Flamenco (IAF), where he performed some songs from this album accompanied by José Fermín Fernández.

‘Graná’ introduces a more current flavour to flamenco music and unites this traditional Andalusian music style with the ancestral Arab music. The album lends itself to remembering the origins of Granada through the history of its songs and represents the figures of those artists, who lived and live by this historical flamenco city. In recent years the artist has acquired great wisdom in the flamenco sphere and the recognition of the people of Granada and the flamenco community in general.

Flamenco Agency is proud to collaborate with Sergio Gómez who also performs together with Granada Flamenco Ballet in their authentic and acknowledged flamenco shows “Carmen“ and “Dance for me“, which we bring to different venues and festivals not just in Andalusia but also around Europe (Latvia, Lithuania, Finland) and Asia.