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Flamenco Agency is a platform that promotes artists, shows and knowledge on the art of flamenco at an international level. 

Highest Quality

Flamenco Agency offers thorough advice as well as the highest expert knowledge in each of its artistic proposals for festivals, theatres and opera houses around the world. Furthermore, the vision of Flamenco Agency is to elevate and place Flamenco within the highest category of the performing arts. Flamenco agency presents proposals of the highest artistic quality to international stages.  

Flamenco Agency is specialised in the distribution of the best flamenco ballets in Spain, and consequently, in the world. Flamenco Agency has been programmed in important festivals around the world and it has collaborated with some of the most prestigious venues and opera houses.  


Spectacular productions



Barcelona Flamenco Ballet (BFB) address the ever-present myth of Carmen in their new project. This new recreation of Bizet’s work brings new elements from flamenco that were previously unknown. It goes beyond the traditional conception in which it has historically been categorised and adapts it to the reality of today’s contemporary society.
Despite the time has passed, Carmen maintains her message of freedom and courage in the face of an unequal world where women still fight for their rights. Carmen is the prototype of a woman who faces a hostile and violent male world from which she does not survive, but leaves her example for posterity.

group of girls performing flamenco

Welcome to the world of suspense, intrigue, complex power dynamics, love, loyalty and tragedy – among a wide range of other profound emotions and sensations – in this new masterpiece from industry experts Barcelona Flamenco Ballet.

Under the direction of the choreographer David Gutiérrez, who is arriving from other mainstream success with outstanding and truly unforgettable productions such as ‘Flamenco Reborn’, ‘Luxurîa’ is a brand-new flamenco show which is guaranteed to leave audiences simultaneously stupefied and enthralled for a long duration after watching.


"Thank you again for your assistance in making some of the flamenco events of our flamenco days happening. It was overall successful and very well received."​

Ms. Christina C. Scheppelmann​

Director General Royal Opera House Muscat (Oman)

"I believe that a large share of the applause goes to people like you whose unstinting support inspire and enable us to make each year more spectacular than ever."

Mr. Constantin Chiriac

President of Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romania)

“The Spanish Flamenco Ballet was superb, an amazing spectacle for eyes and ears in such a beautiful place as the Krizanke at Ljubljana Festival."​

Mr. Darko Brlek​

Ljubljana Festival's Artistic Director (Slovenia) and former President of the European Festivals Association (EFA-AEF)

"We are very happy to receive these (AC/E) grants, which really do help us in presenting artists from Spain! Looking forward to further collaboration!"​

Ms. Hilde Bjørkum

Director/Artistic and managing director. Førde Traditional and World Music Festival (Norway)

"I believe that a large share of the applause goes to people like you whose unstinting support inspire and enable us to make each year more spectacular than ever."

Mr. J.S.Uberoi

Bangkok’s International Festival of Dance and Music Bangkok (Thailand)

"I want express my deep gratitude for the great performance you brought to Latvia. Please send my best regards to every artist."

Ms. Inese Zagorska

Artistic Director of Cesis Concert Hall (Latvia)

About Flamenco

Flamenco is a very popular and expressive form of dancing. It has become a very well-known art form all over the world. France and the USA now host numerous flamenco festivals and Japan even has more flamenco academies than in Spain!

In addition, flamenco has recently been declared as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

About  flamenco

El Flamenco es un arte muy popular, una forma de bailar y un estilo musical muy expresivo. El arte flamenco es muy célebre en España, en Francia y en los Estados Unidos de América, donde hay numerosos festivales, e incluso en Japón, donde hay más academias de flamenco que incluso en España. 

Además, el Flamenco ha sido recientemente incorporado a la Lista Representativa del Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la  Humanidad por la UNESCO. 

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