Flamenco Agency and Cámara de Comercio lending a hand to society

We are proud to announce that Flamenco Agency will receive two new grants thanks to the Cámara de Comercio. Each grant covers a different field that will promote the growth of our company.

The first one is a Sustainability Grant which, as its programme indicates, consists of boosting and supporting companies to increase their energy efficiency and at the same time reduce their carbon footprint. One of the main objectives of this grant is to raise awareness in the commitment of reducing the carbon footprint, as well as to educate and provide tools to those who receive such grants and to raise awareness of their environmental impact. These commitments are intended to help companies reduce their emissions and become sustainable.

The second one is included in the Tourism Competitiveness Program, which main objective is to contribute to the competitive improvement of the sector, through measures that establish the appropriate basis for its development. In this way, the aim is to promote the growth of tourism companies through the adoption of the culture of innovation and the use of ICTs, providing both tools and solutions to promote the competitiveness and productivity of the industry, and bringing together the general knowledge of the different agents involved, thus providing the public with the best business practices.

Since the beginning of our journey in the art world, we at Flamenco Agency take very seriously the environment and promote creative development environments that are both accessible and competent, and thanks to the aid offered by the Cámara de Comercio, our goal is one step closer.