Flamenco Festivals at La Bienal

* Festivals Flamenco Tanzhaus Duesseldorf (Germany)

* Festival Flamenco Albuquerque (USA)

* Flamenco Festival (USA/UK)

* Difusion Cultura Español (España)

* Festival Flamenco de Nimes (France)

* Festival Flamenco Mont de Marsan

* Festival Semaine Flamenco de Rivesalte

* Festival Flamenco Toulouse

* Flamenco Biennale Netherlands

* Festival Flamenco Roma

* Festival Flamenco Milan

* Festival Flamenco of Esch Luxemberg

* Festival Mexico Muy Flamenco

* Festival International of Danza Iberica

* Festival Colores Flamencos

* Festival Iberica De BRNO

We would like to take the time to thank Extenda- Junta de Andalucia for inviting these festivals and the delegates themselves for taking the time to travel and meet us in our beautiful Seville.