Nordic Baltic Flamenco Tour March 2020

Nordic Baltic Flamenco Tour March 2020

Throughout March 2020, Flamenco Agency will be bringing the Antonio Andrade Flamenco Company Tour into four different countries around the Nordic and Baltic area: Malmö (Sweden), Oslo (Norway), Liepaja (Latvia) and Klaipeda (Lithuania).

This tour presents two productions with two different formats: the first one is Antonio Andrade Guitar Duo (Sweden and Norway) and the second one Antonio Andrade Company (Latvia and Lithuania).

Antonio Andrade was born in Andalusia and being only a child, he started to play the guitar at a young age. By the age of 15 he had already released an album. He has shared the stage with many relevant artists, such us Javier Barón, Israel Galván, Antonio (“El Pipa”), Javier Cruz, Sara Baras, Carmen Ledesma and Concha Vargas, among many others.

The audience in Norway and Sweden will witness a show carried out by Antonio Andrade and Miguel Sotelo, two world-class flamenco guitarists, whose traditional and personal performing style goes straight to your heart and soul.

Throughout this performance you will enjoy Spanish flamenco guitar music that proves its incomparable beauty. Andrade’s repertoire together with Sotelo produces a special two-tone sound, and you will also hear compositions of great artists like Paco de Lucía and Sabica.

They will delight you at the Victoria Theatre in Malmö and the Cosmopolite in Oslo during the Oslo International Flamenco Festival.

On the other hand, in the Latvia and Lithuania production, the two guitarists will perform with passionate flamenco cantaores (singers) and bailaores (dancers) from Spain. The audience will feel the intense Andalusian summer weather and travel the beautiful white villages where they will discover the joy and passion of the Andalusian people.

The show will take place at the Great Amber Concert Hall in Latvia and at the Klaipeda Concert Hall in Lithuania.

Antonio Andrade and Miguel Sotelo – guitarists

Úrsula Morena and José Galván – bailaores (dancers)

Pablo Oliva and Sonia Cortés – cantaores (singers)

Antonio Andrade says: “with a single guitar, one can reach Heaven; with two, you can reach the Universe”.

If you are interested in any of these flamenco productions, you can buy your tickets at:

22nd March, Klaipeda (Lithuania):