BFB tours Denmark


This September, Barcelona Flamenco Ballet, after having completed a successful tour in numerous countries, such as Romania, Italy and North Macedonia, will be performing their new production Luxuria at two locations in Denmark. On Thursday 8th they’ll be in Aalborg at Skråen, a live music venue for local and international acts which is hosting a brand-new dance, theatre and music festival from 8th-11th September entitled ‘Dansekraft’, and for which Barcelona Flamenco Ballet is opening. Two days later, on Saturday 10th, they’ll travel to Copenhagen to perform at Viften, a cultural centre with a cinema, theatre and concert hall.

By arranging to perform at two venues in the same country within two days of each other, we are working towards the sustainability goals we have at Flamenco Agency. We reduce the CO2 emissions produced from flying by programming more than one event at the same time, in addition to splitting the costs between the two venues, making it more efficient for us and the event organisers.