LUXURÎA by Barcelona Flamenco Ballet


Welcome to the world of suspense, intrigue, complex power dynamics, love, loyalty and tragedy – among a wide range of other profound emotions and sensations – in this new masterpiece from industry experts Barcelona Flamenco Ballet. Welcome to LUXURÎA.

Under the direction of the choreographer David Gutiérrez, who is arriving from other mainstream success with outstanding and truly unforgettable productions such as ‘Flamenco Reborn’, ‘Luxurîa’ is a brand-new flamenco show which is guaranteed to leave audiences simultaneously stupefied and enthralled for a long duration after watching. ‘Luxurîa’ has everything – from sex to scandal to total, unprecedented shock – and its deeply innovative combination of both traditional and more modern and contemporary flamenco dance makes it without doubt one of the most eye-catching new productions that there has been in recent years.

Regarding the plot and more general story outline of this outstanding new production, it presents the narrative of a male figure who is facing a number of conflicts in his life. A successful artist himself by trade, he finds that he has a great amount of ladies’ eyes interested in him. However, he discovers himself in a state of great difficulty when he comes to encounter the greatest love of his life. Although happening to meet her by a mere singular glance – and thus being forced to immediately understand his own fate and destiny – he finds that he cannot purely love her so easily. In fact, it is the spiritual and very profound, unavoidable sensation of lust that blocks his true feelings for her from coming to the forefront, and instead means that he is plagued by the overly complex emotions of self-doubt, pride, ambition – and ultimately, loneliness.

Lust is of course an extraordinarily fascinating theme, and Flamenco Ballet seems as if it is the most perfect medium through which to portray this, in the inherent passion, despair and tragedy within this particular artistic form. We cannot forget that as humans in society, we immediately relate the idea of lust to the concept of a type of sexual desire that is so intense that it is almost overflowing. This mindset is expertly conveyed through this flamenco ballet ‘Luxurîa’ (which is evidently the Latin root of ‘lust’), in the passionate states through which the dancers and musicians perform their art. As the audience, throughout the flamenco ballet we feel as though we are perhaps intruding on some of the performers’ personal sensations and states of mind because of the profoundly intimate way in which the state of ‘lust’ is conveyed. We have access to the incredibly broad range of effects that lust can bestow upon a person – including solitude, depression and even madness among this almost never-ending list.

The reason for which ‘Luxurîa’ stands out as a flamenco ballet is its pioneering style: being both overtly modern and evidently traditional, this production has sufficient breadth so as to allow a whole diverse array of reactionary emotions to arrive at the fore. Moreover, the fascinating synthesis of the musical styles in this flamenco ballet show – ranging between classical, jazz and conventionally flamenco music – mean that a beautiful, lyrical and yet still tragic, conflict-ridden ambiance is created onstage. Overall, this flamenco ballet is certainly not one to be forgotten in the intensity of its emotions, truly unique style, and treatment of simultaneously deeply intimate and evergreen themes. Come to discover ‘Luxurîa’!

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