Nordic Tour November 2024: “Carmen” takes Scandinavia

Although the autumn chill may be settling in, the stage is set to ignite with the fiery passion of Bizet’s “Carmen” as it embarks on its Nordic Tour in November 2024. Following a mesmerizing performance in Norway on November 9th of last year, Barcelona Flamenco Ballet is poised to enrapture audiences across Sweden and Denmark, promising an unforgettable experience.

The tour not only aims to captivate audiences with our stunning performances but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability and innovation in the arts. By spending an extended period in the region and visiting multiple venues, the tour seeks to minimize its environmental impact while maximizing cultural engagement.

The Swedish leg of the tour commences with a series of captivating performances at the esteemed Victoria Teatern in Malmö from November 13th to 16th: This iconic venue, renowned for its rich cultural offerings, will play host to “Carmen” for four consecutive nights, further cementing its status as a hotspot for world-class performances. Building on the success of previous engagements, the venue eagerly anticipates the return of our flamenco’s acclaimed productions, enriching its storied history of hosting renowned theatrical spectacles.

Carmen” will then make a singular appearance at VIFTEN in Copenhagen on November 17th: Situated in the heart of Denmark’s vibrant capital, VIFTEN promises an intimate setting for an evening of spellbinding performances, where the essence of Bizet’s masterpiece will resonate with the audience.

Rounding off its Scandinavian journey, “Carmen” will take centre stage at Vestsjællands Teaterkreds in Slagelse on November 18th: As part of the esteemed Vestsjællands Teaterkreds, this venue epitomizes the cultural richness of Denmark’s theatre scene, providing the perfect backdrop for the grand finale of the Nordic Tour.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the passion, drama, and romance of “Carmen” brought to life on stage.

Join us on this unforgettable journey through Scandinavia and witness the magic of “Carmen” in all its splendour.