BNP Paribas enjoy Equestrian Flamenco

Flamenco Agency had the privilege of introducing BNP Paribas bank to the world of Flamenco with our Equestrian Flamenco Show. It was a very enjoyable day for all involved, with great weather, food and thanks to us, some entertainment rich in Flamenco tradition.

The audience felt an instant ingression into Andalusian tradition for whom this instantly gratified the journey from Madrid and all over Spain. Seeing both the virtuosity of the dance and the discipline of the horse and rider, combined with the wonderfully immersive musical setting, created a lasting memory for all attended.

The setting of Real Venta de Antequera only increased this feeling, with its rich history. Founded in 1926 by Carlos Antequera, La Real Venta marks notable location in the history of bullfighting. Alongside business events, now, the location is a favourite for weddings and parties among all the venues in Andalucía.

We hope BNP enjoyed their experience as much as we enjoyed having them!