Flamenco Machine Project flies to Latvia

It is the 3rd time that Flamenco Agency brings flamenco to the beautiful city of Liepāja. This time we will bring “Flamenco Machine Project” to Latvia on September 30, 2023; within the frame of a contemporary festival: Liepāja Art Forum.

Some more information about Flamenco Machine Project: it’s a fresh new production, where three dynamic performers come together to create a fusion that is both ground-breaking and innovative. This artistic and musical experiment defies conventions and establishes an entirely new genre for audiences worldwide.

Meet the talented trio of Gautama del Campo, a masterful saxophonist, Ezequiel Reina, a gifted guitarist, and soulful singer; and Gero Domínguez, a mesmerizing Flamenco dancer; accompanied by the rhythm of the flamenco machine!

The festival is organized by the impressive Great Amber Concert Hall. Liepāja Concert Hall Great Amber is a significant art center that hosts a wide range of cultural events, showcasing various forms of contemporary arts such as music, dance, visual arts, and new media. It promotes access to professional art in the region and encourages intellectual engagement and public education.

We can’t wait to see you there!