Flamenco conquers Hungary!

Flamenco Agency will tour Hungary for the first time! We will perform “Luxurîa” by Barcelona Flamenco Ballet: https://flamencoagency.com/luxuria/

As you can read in our sustainability strategy, https://flamencoagency.com/sustainability/, in Flamenco Agency Management & Tours Limited Society, touring is part of our DNA. Hence, we do not only promote sustainability through touring, but we also elevate our artists to international stature. That is why we try to implement sustainable event planning strategies, so that we can significantly reduce the ecological footprint of these performances.

The tour will cover all the corners of the country:

June 22: Szombathely.

June 23: Kisvárda.

June 24: Gyula.

Furthermore, once in Hungary we will cross the border to Romania to continue with four performances more at Sibiu International Theatre Festival: https://flamencoagency.com/we-will-perform-at-fits-for-the-6th-time/

Follow our international engagements at https://linktr.ee/flamencoagency