Granada Flamenco Ballet tours the Philippines!

Granada Flamenco Ballet will tour with “Dance for Me” (Báilame) the Philippines, after a few performances at the prestigious Bangkok’s International Festival of Music & Dance

We are very grateful for the invitation from the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manila, members of the AAPPAC. Created in 1966 to promote and preserve Filipino arts and culture, we will perform in their new venue built in 2019 when we visited the country.

The first two performances will be at the Casino Español in Cebu and the last two at the CCP Blackbox Theater (Tanghalang Ignacio Gimenez), which black box is very spectacular. Dancing between its seating sections will remind us of the traditional performances at Granada caves!

According to our sustainability plan, we try to perform as much as possible in order to make our tours more sustainable and increase the visibility of our artists, in addition to be much more beneficial for our clients who can split the costs of the flights!

Look forward to performing in the Philippines!

Follow us in for more dates, cities, and countries!