Shakespeare Flamenco in Lithuania

The 28th edition of the Pažaislis Music Festival in Kaunas (Lithuania) will present “Shakespeare Flamenco” on August 1st, 2023:

Pažaislis Music festival is one of the greatest classical music events in Lithuania, it offers a variety of concerts by world-famous performers and premières by Lithuanian composers throughout the three summer months. Since the first Pažaislis Music Festival concert in 1996 many of the world’s music elite have visited Lithuania:

Festival’s eclectic program satisfies even the most sophisticated tastes—from ancient music to jazz, from subtle chamber music to grand vocal instrumental pieces, from new pieces of modern music premières to impressive Lithuanian drama performances in the vicinity of Kaunas Castle: and now also Flamenco!

Pažaislis Music Festival is the largest classical music festival in Lithuania and it has an EFFE label from the European Festivals Association:žaislis-music-festival

This collaboration is possible thanks to Flamenco Agency sustainable touring goals. The Flamenco Ballet will perform before in Poland, opening the also prestigious Gdansk Shakespeare Festival at Opera Gdansk on July 28th:

Both festivals will be splitting the cost of the flights, making the tour more creative and convenient for all parties, adding more visibility to the company, and making the tour more sustainable. We are also participants at the European Festivals Forest:

After “Hamlet” on August 1st, the Flamenco Ballet from Seville will be closing the Pažaislis Music Festival with a private additional performance, a more traditional Flamenco Fiesta, on August 2nd.

“To be, or not to be, that is the question”! In Flamenco Agency we bet to always be in the constant search for creative collaborations, building bridges between cultures, countries, and festivals to make our cultural tours greener and more sustainable! Come to Gdansk or Kaunas!