The European Festivals Forest

European Festivals Forest (EFF) is an organization created by Tamar Brüggemann, from the Wonderfeel festival in the Netherlands, and Peter Florence from Hay Festivals, both of whom are acquainted with EFA.  They will be working with Skogræktin, The Icleandic Forest Service, to create a European Festivals Forest, which can be measured and mapped every year.

The Festivals Forest started their pilot year in 2022 with 6 partner festivals working together to give the opportunity to festivalgoers of offsetting their own travel with a €2 fee that can be found as an opt-in at checkout when buying tickets to the festivals finalizing in an amazing donation of a hectare of trees that will be planted near Reykjavík.

We at Flamenco Agency have become actively involved with this organization joining this year and we would also like to offset our flight movements with more trees in the forest. You can join us too! We hope that this can inspire others to act in reducing their carbon footprints worldwide.

To learn more about what they do or how you can help make sure to visit their website at

You can also check out Skogræktin website and learn more about what they are doing in Iceland!