Denmark – A few tickets left!

There are still a few tickets left for our next performances and tour in Denmark, that will be sold out a few days before or the same day!

We will be performing Luxuria in Aalborg on September 8th and in Copenhagen on September 10th.

Flamenco Agency distribution vision gives preference to longer tours that can offer us not just performances but also workshops and masterclasses, as our priority is to connect with all kinds of different communities guaranteeing the circulation of the performing arts expanding the life and presence of our productions.

That way, we will not just be opening this new dance festival in Aalborg but we will also be in charge of the opening ceremony and offering a workshop for the dance teachers in town too, plus an additional performance in the capital of the country. Instead of just one performance in Denmark, Flamenco Agency has achieved for its artists to participate in 4 events: 2 performances, the opening gala of the festival and a workshop!

Therefore, Flamenco Agency designs tours in a very meaningful ecological way, covering several locations and venues in the same country, improving both the conditions of art workers involved in touring and the social & economic sustainability.

In addition, we collaborate with the Spanish Embassies, Instituto Cervantes and, of course, with Acción Cultural Española so our tours are more sustainable and convenient for our clients:

We are also expecting this autumn the new mobility grants from the European Union and Creative Europe Program with 21 million euros fund that will help to circulate our artists productions around Europe: