3 Festivals programming Flamenco Agency’s Ballets receive more than 10.000€

Flamenco Ballets

Acción Cultural Española (ACE) has granted three festivals who plan to program Flamenco Agency’s Flamenco Ballets with more than 10.000 € in 2022.

ACE has published the first resolution or provisional list for their mobility grant in 2022. Three of our clients have been granted:

  • “Smetanova Litomyšl”, one of the oldest festivals in the Czech Republic, has received 3.900€ to bring Antonio Andrade Flamenco Ballet’s most popular production, “Carmen”. They were already granted last year but, unfortunately, they had to cancel the 63rd edition of the Festival in 2021. Do not miss the opportunity to join us in 2022!

  • Spain has been chosen as the host nation of the 55th edition of “Festival delle Nazioni”, at Città di Castello. The performances will take place in July and August. The festival has been granted with 3.100€ to place Barcelona Flamenco Ballet and its new show “Luxuria”. In addition, they will also program some more Spanish classical music!

  • And last but not least, the 21st Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival, one of the top 25 festivals around the world according to the international performing arts magazine “Songlines” (the only Asian festival in that list); has been granted with 3.650 € to also program Barcelona Flamenco Ballet. It will be the first time that Sori Festival programs an international company after the pandemic. We will promote the performances thanks to Extenda, Aula Cervantes, Cámara del Comercio, etc.

It makes a total of 10.650 €!

Here you can find the provisional resolution of the grant for further information: https://www.accioncultural.es/media/2022/PICE/1/MovilidadPORV2022-1.pdf  

What a fabulous way to end 2021!