Fado, flamenco & cante alentejano!

We are very excited to announce the participation of Barcelona Flamenco Ballet at the 1st edition of the “Alentejo World Heritage Festival”, Festival Dialogos inmaterais de cabrela: fado, flamenco and cante alentejano to be held in Cabrela (Portugal) on August 26, 2023.

The festival promotes three arts linked to the Iberian Peninsula and which are also listed on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of the UNESCO: flamenco, fado and cante alentejano.

Therefore, a stunning musical fusion performance will be created, in which heritage and innovation come together. Don´t miss this meeting where Flamenco has an undeniable presence!

Barcelona Flamenco Ballet, will perform at the Main Stage of the festival, accompanied by other renowned artists such as, Duquende, a cantaor who started in flamenco thanks to Camarón de la Isla and who has shared the stage for 20 years with artists of great importance in the discipline, for example Paco de Lucía. In addition, another important artists will meet, such as Sara Correia (Fado), a Choir of Cante Alentejano and Músicos do Tejo.

Although the festival is scheduled for the 26th of August, we will be doing a research and artistic residency from August 21-25. In addition, August 27th will also be important, as we will be holding two important events. First, we will hold a Flamenco workshop at Casa do Povo de Cabrela and, in the afternoon, we will have a Flamenco Mass at Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Conceição.

At Flamenco Agency we regard sustainability, not only through our ecological commitment, but also through the realization of artistic and research residencies to promote sustainability and reduce CO2 emissions from transports to the destination, as well as increasing the visibility of our artists: https://flamencoagency.com/artistic-residency-in-africa/

Therefore, we always prioritize extending our stay and doing tours and workshops with the community! Don’t miss out this unique event and enjoy flamenco in Portugal with us!

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