Do you want to give your community the opportunity to learn Flamenco? Shall we attract a greater and new audience to you?

If one of our flamenco artists or ballets are performing at your venue or festival and you would like to engage the community by learning the fantastic art of flamenco in a fun and interactive environment, flamenco workshops are the perfect experience for you! Our skilled dancers take great pleasure in sharing their passion with everyone who’s eager to learn, and our workshops will bring you closer than ever to the powerful art of Flamenco.

We organize fun Flamenco workshops for everyone! You can choose between different Flamenco forms, or palos, of Flamenco, including tangos, bulerias, alegrías with the traditional Manila shawl and the sevillanas usually dance in pairs.

Our flamenco artists are keen to lead workshops for your audiences so they can learn their very first steps of Flamenco. They’ll embody the character of Flamenco through the traditional use of clapping, or palmas, and footwork, or zapateado.

We can also include a 15-20 minute Q&A session with our main artists after the performance or workshop where you can give your audience the chance to interact directly with us. People enjoy finding out about the process of learning Flamenco and our shows, as well as the fascinating origins of Flamenco in Seville.

Flamenco Agency is collaborating with various organisations to ensure we are as sustainable as possible. Mobility is, of course, a huge part of what we do as we work on an international level. However, including experiences like our workshops and Q&As means we make the most of visiting your country and keep our tours environmentally sustainable.

In addition, the workshops and Q&As also allow us to create stronger relations with the Spanish institutions within your country and collaborating with organisations this way, again helps us adapt to environmental sustainability. Including residency projects in local communities strengthens the connections with associations actively involved with climate justice.

Enjoy the mystery, passion and authentic local flavour of the biggest treasure Spain has to offer… Flamenco!

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