Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival

Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival, Festiwal Szekspirowski, event organised by Gdański Teatr Szekspirowski, from 26th July to the 6th of August, has invited us to perform “Shakespeare Flamenco, Hamlet, The dance of the melancholic” by Jesús Herrera Flamenco Ballet at the 27th edition of the festival on July 28th, 2023:

This prestigious festival, member of the European Festivals Association and granted with the EFFE Label Award, is maybe the most relevant Shakespeare festival in the world, and it also runs the presidency of the European Shakespeare Festivals Network foundation. We will perform in its impressive and renovated venue, built on the site of a 17th century theatre, which nowadays its roof opens and has a capacity for 500 seats!

The festival program comprises international performances inspired by the works of William Shakespeare. Much more than a festival, it is an international meeting platform of the theatre creators and European audience. New outstanding Shakespeare adaptations, debates, workshops and accompanying events.

As part of our sustainability goals, we try to connect with local communities and performing companies. That way, in Shakespeare Flamenco we perform with local choirs so we can both reduce the emissions of the transports used and link up with performers from other cultures, flamenco is in the end a mix of cultures so the bigger the fusion the better. Therefore, we will perform accompanied by “Gdańsk University Choir”!

Furthermore, in addition to the two performances, we will offer an open general rehearsal and also Q&A after the second performance, as part of our plan to stay longer and connect with local communities:

This would be the international première of “Hamlet, The Dance of the Melancholic” by Jesús Herrera Flamenco Company, which national première too place in Spain at the Teatro Victoria Eugenia with the special collaboration of one of the best choirs of Spain, Orfeón Donostiarra, on November 28-29, 2019.

We are very proud at Flamenco Agency to recover this beautiful and suggestive production that had to stop the tours programmed because of the pandemic. We are working on future tours and hopefully more members of the European Shakespeare Festivals Network foundation can also join and program this unique production:  

Additionally, “Shakespeare Flamenco” will perform in Lithuania after Poland, making this tour more sustainable. Both festivals will be splitting the cost of the flights, making the tour more creative and convenient for all parties, adding more visibility to the company. We are also participants at the European Festivals Forest:

Come to see our performances live: and contact us for further information!