Meet us at the Festival de Jerez!

This year, once again, we will be attending the Festival de Jerez for it’s 27th edition! The world’s largest Flamenco dance festival which showcases our fabulous Spanish and Andalusian culture.

From the 24th of February to the 11th of March, we will be up close with some of the best Flamenco productions around. This festival presents a wide range of productions with new techniques, styles and forms that pay homage to the Flamenco legacy and Andalusian culture.

This year’s edition will include more than forty shows on the bill, with a few days showing three or more! Lucky for us, we will have the chance to see more than twenty-five of these beautiful events. Marco Vargas & Chloé Brûle, Esperanza Fernández, Marco Flores and Leonor Leal are just a few of the big names we are looking forward to. We cannot wait to experience this world class event with the rest of the Flamenco dance community.

Last year was such a breathtaking experience seeing all the different shows on display. From the big names to the emerging artists, we are more than thrilled to attend this amazing festival!