Dance For Me

Granada Flamenco Ballet was set up with the goal of creating a company that represents the Andalusian region and shows its artistic and cultural wealth. It was established in 2017 and its first performance was Carmen. They have played more than 60 shows in famous places such as the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Beijing, Shanghai Grand Opera House, and Chongqing Grand Theatre. Around 30,000 people have already attended this performance in at least 20 Asian cities. Furthermore, it has been played in places such as Granada, Almuñécar, Tarragona or Switzerland.

Granada Flamenco Ballet is formed by two different ensembles: a larger group of 26 artists and another group of 18 artists. The larger group is formed by 17 dancers, 6 musicians and 3 sound technicians. Whilst in its reduced form, the company travels with 15 dancers and 3 sound technicians. The company serves as a springboard for new local talents, giving them the opportunity to dance with the most famous Andalusian dancers. In this way, Granada Flamenco Ballet aims to promote and train the new local talents. 

Dance for me changes the concept of “show”, finding a greater balance between music and dance. In this performance, there is no plot; everything is focused on the movements which have been choreographed by Patricia Guerrero, the winner of Premio Nacional de Danza. Farruca, Caracoles, Vidalita, the sound of the flamenco shoes or the castanets, a cry or the deepest silence are combined with the same purpose: to accompany the music.

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