Gender Equality on and off the Stage

A two-year project entitled ‘Gender Equality on and off the Stage: A Mapping Project of the European Live Performance Sector’, and conducted by several European organisations in the live performance sector, has just been published. The report puts forward a range of initiatives to help close the gap between men and women, and to discredit the gender stereotypes that exist within the performing arts.

For example, the study found that women are more likely to be cast in less prominent roles, while female directors generally exhibit their work in smaller and less prestigious venues, occurrences that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. In order to combat this, those behind the project have organised ‘Gender Equality Thursdays’, during which people from across the live performance sector come together via webinars to discuss important topics relating to gender inequality in their line of work, such as sexual harassment, bias and how to promote equal access to leadership roles.

At Flamenco Agency, we hold gender equality at the centre of our ethos, and are driven by a desire to provide an environment that is free of all discrimination. The company was founded by a Spanish man, Jaime Trancoso, and an English woman, Alexis Stainow, and they aim to provide equal opportunities in everything they do.

One of the most recent productions being promoted by the agency is Dance for Me by Granada Flamenco Ballet, which features a perfect balance of five male and five female dancers, and is choreographed by Patricia Guerrero, one of the most versatile dancers of this Andalusian dance style. Another of our dance companies, Barcelona Flamenco Ballet, is led by directors and choreographers David Guitérrez and Paula Sánchez, whose distinct styles and perspectives combine perfectly to create truly unique and unmissable productions, such as Luxuria.

While we are aware that, as a society, we are far from achieving equality, both in the area of live performance and more generally, we will not be disheartened, and will continue to strive to achieve this goal. We also encourage all of our performers, choreographers, and clients to do the same.