Flamenco saxophone, Guitar & Contemporary dance

(Flamenco Machine Project)


Photos from FITS, Romania

Photos from Leipājas Koncertzále

An exciting and fresh new production which consists of three different performers, bringing their work together to create a fusion which is unique and innovative. This is an exhilarating new artistic and musical experiment which breaks down boundaries and creates a whole new genre for audiences worldwide. The three artists in this production include: the saxophonist Gautama del Campo, the guitarist and singer Ezequiel Reina and the Flamenco dancer Gero Domínguez. These performers bring their three diverse talents together to create a thrilling new production that is challenges the status quo of Flamenco music and dance. The synthesis of their three artistic skills creates something that has never before been seen, or even expected. 

Firstly, saxophonist Del Campo is one of the most outstanding musicians currently out there, and so it is an honour and a privilege that he will be involved in this exciting new show. Coming from a family of artistic musicians in Seville, the home of Flamenco, Del Campo is well-known for combining the musical forms of Jazz and Flamenco, creating a modern new sound. His use of the saxophone succeeds in creating a sound which is simultaneously passionate and intense, but also soft, gentle and emotional – and it cannot be doubted that there are few artists who are capable of making such divergent effects possible within a single art form. Moreover, what is highly interesting about Del Campo as a performer is that he is highly skilled at getting his audiences to engage with him: a great deal of attention and critical analysis is required on behalf of his audiences, and it is this more challenging aspect of his performances that make him such a well-loved artist. They adore the fact that he is an artist who makes them think and critically consider the art form with which they are engaging. Del Campo is also a very celebrated and extremely well-renowned artist, having won the First Prize ‘Filón’ for best Flamenco instrumentalist at the very prestigious Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas de la Unión. 

In addition, it is necessary to turn to Flamenco guitarist and singer Ezequiel Reina. Reina is a well-renowned Flamenco performer in Spain, and together with Del Campo, he can produce music so emotional and intense, that he is able to keep his audiences on tenterhooks for hours on end. The effect of the saxophone, guitar and singing coming together in unison is beautiful. Similarly, to Del Campo, Reina is critically celebrated in addition to being popular on a more personal level, which is why it is incredibly exciting to have him join this innovative project. 

Moreover, it cannot be forgotten that now a contemporary Flamenco dancer, Gero Domínguez, is being added to the troupe to contribute to the synthesis of the diverse art forms even further. Domínguez has an outstanding talent at adding a touch of emotion to every dance performance he gives, and therefore coming together with the hugely textured saxophonist and singer-guitarist will surely become one of the most iconic performances in modern Flamenco history in Spain. It cannot be doubted that having three distinct types of Flamenco performer onstage will bring an energy and a dynamism so powerful that it is guaranteed it will truly captivate audiences on both an emotional and spiritual level for decades to come. As aforementioned, it is anticipated that bringing each of the three art forms together will mean that each type of art and music will be amplified and emphasised by the others to create a more powerful experience and sensation for the watching public. 

Furthermore, it is worth noting that this production, when performed at certain festivals, will be entailing a particular ‘flamenco machine’ instrument, which will no doubt make the show stand out even further. This box-like, automated instrument brings a whole new level and a completely new and fascinating sound to such Flamenco performances, giving further depth and nuance to the work of the other three artists. It brings a certain underlying musical beat to performances, seeing as it can reproduce a number of common Flamenco rhythms. It is true that the flamenco machine will provide all performances with a sense of cohesion and unity, meaning that it will bring the other three different forms of Flamenco together – contributing to a truly unforgettable and exhilarating production that will be a joy to see at festivals over time. This Flamenco Machine Project has performed not only in the streets of Seville, but also at the most important flamenco festival of the world, La Bienal (The Flamenco Biennal of Seville) at Lope de Vega Theatre. The Flamenco Machine Project, in its novelty and innovation, is NOT a production to be missed!