Flamenco Agency on Tour: Classical Next

Flamenco Agency Brings “Carmen” to the Forefront in the Fight Against Gender-Based Violence at Classical Next 2024.

A Dazzling Return of Classical Next After a Year-Long Hiatus

In a triumphant return after a year-long hiatus, Classical Next 2024 is set to captivate music enthusiasts worldwide with its diverse program of performances, discussions, and networking opportunities. For more details on the program and updates, we invite you to explore the official Classical Next page: www.classicalnext.com

In order to make our tour more sustainable, after visiting EFA’s Arts Festivals Summit in Usedom, the north of Germany, we will stay for longer and visit also Classical Next in Berlin:

Flamenco Agency Takes Center Stage

Excitement abounds as Flamenco Agency announces its enthusiastic participation in Classical Next 2024. Stay connected through social media and FlamencoAgency.com for real-time updates, bringing you closer to the heart of this musical extravaganza.

Flamenco Agency Presents “Carmen” on the 150th Anniversary of the Opera:
A Stirring Stand Against Gender-Based Violence

In a unique initiative, Flamenco Agency proudly presents a special promotion of “Carmen” within the framework of Classical Next 2024. Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the opera in 2025, “Carmen” takes center stage as a powerful artistic statement against gender-based violence.

“Carmen” stands as a powerful artistic statement against gender-based violence, using music and flamenco dance to convey a message of equality, respect, and empowerment. Audiences are invited to join Flamenco Agency on this profound artistic journey, supporting a noble cause through the lens of cultural celebration.

Join the Movement and Witness the Magic

Flamenco Agency extends a heartfelt invitation to join them at Classical Next 2024 and witness the magic of “Carmen.” By participating in this significant moment in the opera’s history, audiences become part of a movement raising voices against gender-based violence.

Live Performances Not to Be Missed

As part of this global initiative, Flamenco Agency invites enthusiasts to experience their live performances at the following venues:

Stay tuned for updates on Flamenco Agency’s social media channels and website for more details about their participation in Classical Next 2024 and other exciting news related to “Carmen”.

We look forward to welcoming you to this unique musical experience!