Flamenco Agency on Tour: Arts Festivals Summit!

It is the 6th time that we attend the European Festivals Association (EFA) Arts Festivals Summit. Flamenco Agency eagerly prepares for this exciting annual gathering.  

The Arts Festivals Summit 2024 is hosted by EFA and provides a unique platform for festival professionals to convene, share insights, and explore the evolving landscape of the arts and cultural festivals.

Nestled in the heart of the Baltic Sea, Usedom Island unfolds its wonders—over 42 kilometres of sandy beaches, charming seaside resorts, and historically significant sites. This summit promises a journey into the very essence of the arts.

Flamenco Agency has collaborated with the following European Festival Association (EFA) members bringing the best flamenco ballets from Spain:

–    Ghent Festival of Flanders, 2018 & 2019
–    Ljubljana Festival
–    Izmir International Festival
–    Ohrid Summer Festival
–    Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival
–    International Ankara Music Festival
–    Festival delle Nazioni (ItaliaFestivals)
–    Al Bustan International Festival of Music and the Performing Arts
–    Festival de Wiltz

We have also cooperated with these EFFE label festivals:
–    Varna Summer International Music Festival and VIA Fest, in 2020, 2021 & 2023
–    Førde Traditional and World Music Festival, 2015 & 2018
–    Pažaislis Music Festival, 2023

Flamenco Agency remains committed to the initiatives led by EFA, supporting their mission to promote and celebrate the diversity of arts and cultural festivals, and many more initiatives, as being a participant of the European Festivals Forest: https://festivalsforest.eu/participants/ To make our tour more sustainable, we will stay for longer in Germany to attend also Classical Next, the same week. You can learn more about our cultural climate actions at https://flamencoagency.com/sustainability/

Through its active involvement with EFA and dedication to connecting with major festivals, Flamenco Agency stands poised to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing dialogue shaping the future of the festival landscape in Europe. This year we will participate in many relevant festivals, as you can follow at https://flamencoagency.com/news/ and https://linktr.ee/flamencoagency