Tartu, European Capital of Culture on July 21st, 2024

The European Capital of Culture initiative, an artistic beacon since 1985, unfolds like a grand cultural odyssey. In 2024, the spotlight turns to three cities—Tartu, Bad Ischl and Bodø— each ready to share its unique heritage and traditions, creating a harmonious blend of artistic expression.

Marking the commencement on January 26, 2024, the European Capital of Culture celebrations promise a year brimming with artistic immersion, heritage exploration, and cultural experiences. Amidst this vibrant backdrop, we are elated to unveil our participation in one of the pinnacle events of this cultural extravaganza.

In honor of Tartu’s designation as the European Capital of Culture 2024, Barcelona Flamenco Ballet is set to enrapture audiences with a spellbinding performance of “Carmen” at the Vanemuise Concert Hall. This captivating evening is scheduled for July 21, 2024, at 19:00 h, and what makes this performance truly exceptional is our collaboration with the esteemed Vallès Symphony Orchestra.

This marks a significant milestone for us, as it represents our inaugural performance with VSO, promising an enchanting fusion of flamenco artistry and orchestral brilliance. The historic Vanemuise Concert Hall in Tartu will bear witness to the first notes of this extraordinary collaboration, which will be the midpoint and climax of a year filled with celebrations and experiences.

The celebration does not conclude there. In the same week, we will grace the stage of the esteemed Saaremaa Opera Festival on July 24, 2024, presenting not one but two mesmerizing performances. This festival, renowned for its grandeur and musical prowess, serves as an exquisite backdrop for our continued exploration of flamenco’s diverse expressions.

Stay tuned for more updates and the unfolding magic of our Flamenco journey. Let the rhythm of flamenco resonate in the cultural heart of the world!