10th Jūrmala Festival

This year, marking its monumental 10th edition, the festival holds special significance, showcasing a decade of exceptional musical experiences. Heralded as the pinnacle of summer music in Latvia, Festival Jūrmala will transcend geographical boundaries, bringing together distinguished local and international musicians for a week-long celebration of artistic brilliance.

From July 13 to 20, the melodic extravaganza will unfold at the iconic Dzintari Concert Hall, cementing its status as Latvia’s premier summer musical event.

In a dazzling display of artistic prowess, Barcelona Flamenco Ballet will grace the 10th edition of Festival Jūrmala on July 19, 2024: https://www.jurmalasfestivals.lv/barselonas-flamenko-balets-karmena/. The performance of “Carmen” will feature 17 artists, including 9 dancers, 5 musicians, and technical experts.

This remarkable evening will mark the inception of a captivating tour that will sweep through the enchanting landscapes of Latvia and Estonia. Following the spectacle in Jūrmala, we will cast its spell in Tartu, contributing to the cultural tapestry of the European Capital of Culture 2024. The grand finale awaits at the Saaremaa Opera Festival, concluding our mesmerizing journey through the Baltic cultural landscape.

Ensure you do not miss this extraordinary experience by securing your tickets at: https://www.bilesuparadize.lv/lv/event/136168

For updates, follow our tours at: https://linktr.ee/flamencoagency

Interested in visiting Jūrmala? Jūrmala, nestled along the Gulf of Riga, epitomizes summer bliss with a rich tapestry of tradition and musical opulence. As a cherished holiday-resort and host to various festivals, the city resonates with cultural richness. Beyond its contemporary allure, Jūrmala’s history includes hosting pop music festivals during the Soviet era and the prestigious Jūrmala International Piano Competition, attesting to its enduring commitment to artistic excellence.