Based in Seville, where Flamenco was born


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“Carmen” is an authentic Flamenco Ballet production that has been performed in some of the world’s best opera houses, venues and festivals. 
Choreographed by the best Spanish Flamenco choreographers, “Carmen”, performed by Antonio Andrade Flamenco Company, has been a huge success and continues to delight audiences, serving as the Flamenco ambassador from Seville, Andalusia and Spain…

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Carmen by Mérimée

With dance and acting as language and thread of the play, we will show the story José tells about his life and Carmen, who runs from her own myth. We will meet the ¬cigarrera introduced by Mérimée: a woman “tied” to the patriarchal society of 19th century Spain. A gypsy that fights, lives and behaves rejecting her destiny to live regardless of her ethnicity’s traditions and customs, creating a life where she decides what she wants to be…

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Barcelona Flamenco Ballet

Throughout the last 23 years, the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía has been a source of great talents who, in time, have become recognised artists, from Israel Galván, Patricia Guerrero, Isabel Bayón, and Rafael Campallo, to Rafaela Carrasco, Belén Maya, Fernando Romero, Mercedes Ruiz, María José Franco and Juan José Jaén “El Junco”, to name just a few. This school truly provides dancers with the opportunity to learn from the very best teachers…

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Equestrian Flamenco show

An Equestrian Flamenco Show with a female dancer and a horse dancing together is the most elegant way to surprise and lavish all your guests’ for all kinds of events. The “bailaora” represents the traditional Flamenco, meanwhile the Haute École riders of the Andalusian School show their art with the breed of our Spanish horses…

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Flamenco Piano

Surprise your guests with something they will never expect! Guitarist, dancer and a singer. This is the well-known and well-loved structure of most Flamenco shows, but it is not widely known that Flamenco is played with instruments other than these. In fact there are Flamenco saxophonists, violinists and pianists as well! …

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Among Friends

Our amazing flamenco shows can be tailored and designed for all kind of events and occasions especially for cruises. Among Friends can provide you with the best possible way to enjoy the Spanish culture, a visual and colourful show with a very powerful dancing art of Flamenco! …

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Fado Flamenco

What better way to showcase the Iberian Peninsula culture than with the very powerful Fado song and popular Flamenco dance? Both Fado from Portugal and Flamenco from Spain have recently been declared Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO…

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Flamenco Party

This Flamenco Party is one of the most demanded shows in Barcelona and Cadiz, where the “rumba catalana” and “alegrías” rhythms will make sure you have a great, fun party.
This show also offers the opportunity to add a workshop or flamenco lessons, where we create a whole “juerga”, or flamenco fiesta, with the optional addition of the Spanish hand fans…

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Spanish Guitarist

Our guitarists have extensive experience performing in important Spanish theatres as well as at intimate private events. These talented musicians will enhance any sort of event with your favourite classical Spanish songs…

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Private Party

The Flamenco Parties are the most festive shows of this art. The repertoire is full of Rumbas, Sevillanas, Bulerias and Alegrias. Much more distinguished than any other European festival, they embody the quintessence of the fairs and festivities of Andalusia. In addition to the fun and the enjoyment, the party brings together glamour and the feeling of being in one of the most unforgettable evenings of your life…


If you would like to teach your clients the art of Flamenco in a fun and interactive environment we have artists who can help you achieve this. We have performed numerous shows and assisted many people who have enjoyed their experience learning Flamenco. 


These are some of our most recent conferences & collaborations…

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“It was great being able to work with you and your very professional team.”

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“It was a pleasure to have you on-board & I am sure we will have the show on again in a Spanish port in the near future.”


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"Everything was smooth and professional. The performances and talks you brought were exciting and our guests enjoyed them very much. I hope our paths cross again."

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