Based in Seville, where Flamenco was born


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Naturally Flamenco

The Andalusian Flamenco Ballet is the highest institutional representative of flamenco and has played, since its creation in 1994 —over 25 years ago—, the role of ambassador of flamenco. Artistic expression is part of human nature. It has existed since the dawn of our species…

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“Carmen” is an authentic Flamenco Ballet production that has been performed in some of the world’s best opera houses, venues and festivals…

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Carmen with Orchestra

This classical music and flamenco dance collaboration is a unique opportunity to program the most performed opera in history in its most flamenco version, accompanied by the colour and passion of the best Flamenco from Seville, by Antonio Andrade Flamenco Ballet…

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Carmen by Mérimée

With dance and acting as language and thread of the play, we will show the story José tells about his life and Carmen, who runs from her own myth. We will meet the ¬cigarrera introduced by Mérimée: a woman “tied” to the patriarchal society of 19th century Spain. A gypsy that fights, lives and behaves rejecting her destiny to live regardless of her ethnicity’s traditions and customs, creating a life where she decides what she wants to be…
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Flamenco Roots

The show explores the origins of Flamenco starting in the 18th century when a taste for French and Classic Ballet was brought over by the Bourbon dynasty and began influencing the existing styles. The first suite in Flamenco Roots, “Lineage” looks to the “Escuela Bolera” style that arose from this fusion with French culture…
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Flamenco Journey

Flamenco Journey is a showcase of Flamenco history articulated in the current “Farruca” flamenco form. The audience is transported by way of cinematographic flashback to 17th century Andalusia. Flamenco was born then and there from a hodgepodge of Moorish, Christian and Gypsy cultures and traditions…
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Barcelona Flamenco Ballet

Barcelona Flamenco Ballet was founded in 2017 and had the premiere of its first show “Flamenco Reborn” in Barcelona. It became so popular that it was sold out and the event even became popular on social media. Due to its success it was publicised on important billboards nationwide, including at the “Teatro Reina Victoria” in Madrid. With this came more success along with more performances in the south of the country, as well as international Festivals.

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Flamenco Beliefs

Flamenco Beliefs is a powerful and richly symbolic new production which showcases previously unexplored parallels between flamenco and religion (Christianity, Islam and Buddhism). The show provides a fascinating exploration into the particular pertinence of these subjects in Spain, highlighting their primary theme of tradition.

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4 Women 4

This new Flamenco Ballet is made up of four female dancers plus two main dancers and four musicians. Through careful choreography and wardrobe, “4 Women 4” deals with the labour difficulties experienced by women and the changing family model, providing a historiographic revision of the evolution of women’s rights from the 19th century until today.

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Flamenco Suite

Get ready to go on journey through Andalusia with our newest show, Flamenco Suite. You will experience a range of different “palos” (styles of Flamenco) as our artists lead you through this vibrant Flamenco landscape…
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Crimson blood on golden sand. Passionate love and the sweetest death. Beauty and pain. Reason and brutality. TORERA by Antonio Andrade Flamenco Company tells the story of the strained coexistence of the conflicting sides of human nature.Deep tensions pulsating beneath the surface peak when the characters are confronted by the conflicting masks of their own reflections.
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Youth Flamenco Ballet

Learning to dance flamenco at a professional level is a perfected art which, just like playing an instrument, requires at least 10 to 14 years of training. If you are looking for a large dance troupe of 18 dancers and you’re on a budget, you can now hire the stunning Youth Flamenco Ballet, made up of the most talented up-and-coming artists.










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