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Antonio Amaya, better known in the world of Flamenco and to his friends and family as “Petete” is a “bailaor” and “palmero” from Seville. He was born into a family of artists; one of these being Remedios Amaya, who is one of the greatest female voices of recent decades.
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Gero Domínguez

An exciting and fresh new production which consists of three different performers, bringing their work together to create a fusion which is unique and innovative. This is an exhilarating new artistic and musical experiment which breaks down boundaries and creates a whole new genre for audiences worldwide. The three artists in this production include: the saxophonist Gautama del Campo, the guitarist and singer Ezequiel Reina and the Flamenco dancer Gero Domínguez. These performers bring their three diverse talents together to create a thrilling new production that is challenges the status quo of Flamenco music and dance. The synthesis of their three artistic skills creates something that has never before been seen, or even expected.

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Francisco Hidalgo

Francisco Hidalgo presents his new show “See, Listen and Dance“, under the stage production of Mariana Collado. This production is based on traditional flamenco and the ‘Cafés Cantantes’ (typical Spanish musical establishments in the 19th century) showing where he gets his inspiration from, be that from what he sees, hears or makes him dance. 

More Dancers

We have toured recently with these following dancers. We can easily tour again with them on demand. 

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Belén Maya

Twenty years ago, “Flamenco” by Carlos Saura, an indispensable film in the filmography of the flamenco song form, known as the cante jondo, premiered. In his film, the filmmaker director chose Belén Maya as one of the representatives of the new aesthetics of flamenco. Her image even inspired the promotional poster of the film. Belén Maya’s freshness, originality and personality captivated the prestigious filmmaker, who justified his choice with the eloquent phrase: “it doesn’t seem like flamenco”. 
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Fado Flamenco

What better way to showcase the Iberian Peninsula culture than with the very powerful Fado song and popular Flamenco dance? Both Fado from Portugal and Flamenco from Spain have recently been declared Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO…
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One of the most traditional fusions in Flamenco is the “Al-Andalus” islamic music, or Sephardi music, with Flamenco. Juan Peña “El Lebrijano” was one of the pioneers who researched and recorded with Tanger Al-Andalus Orchestra. This investigation became a fashion in the early 80s and many more sang in this style, for example Lole Montoya…
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A Rendez-Vous

The simple, floral pillars perfectly frame the opening to A Rendez-Vous, a show which begins quietly and softly. The introduction with the female soloist dancer reflects the state of the garden setting: tranquil, gentle, beautiful. A slow tension builds as she moves her way across the stage: it is as if she is searching for something else, something different.