Based in Seville, where Flamenco was born


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Private party

The Flamenco Parties are the most festive shows of this art. The repertoire is full of Rumbas, Sevillanas, Bulerias and Alegrias. Much more distinguished than any other European festival, they embody the quintessence of the fairs and festivities of Andalusia…

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Flamenco Agency Dance Company

Flamenco Agency Dance Company has its origins in a group of renowned artists based in Seville. The company has toured many countries in the last ten years, staging performances for institutional galas, such as Spanish Embassies or the Andalusia Tourist Promotion, and exclusive events, such as Pippa Middleton’s 30th birthday or international congresses…

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Male dancer

Flamenco is a highly technical dance style requiring years of study and continual practice. Nowadays both male and female forms emphasise the importance of lightning-fast footwork performed with absolute precision…

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Female dancer

While exceptionally fast footwork has become the basis of both male and female Flamenco dance forms, the female dancer may also incorporate props such as mantones (shawls), castanets and abanicos (fans)…

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Spanish Guitarist

Our guitarists have extensive experience performing in important Spanish theatres as well as at intimate private events. These talented musicians will enhance any sort of event with your favourite classical Spanish songs…

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Flamenco Guitarists

Our Flamenco Guitarists are available for a range of different occasions and are always a fun and authentically Spanish addition! You can book a guitarist to play a concert in a theatre, or to provide enriching background entertainment at a cocktail party…

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Equestrian Flamenco show

An Equestrian Flamenco Show with a female dancer and a horse dancing together is the most elegant way to surprise and lavish all your guests’ for all kinds of events. The “bailaora” represents the traditional Flamenco, meanwhile the Haute École riders of the Andalusian School show their art with the breed of our Spanish horses…

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Royal Symphonic Orchestra of Seville

The Royal Symphonic Orchestra of Seville, supported by the Government of South of Spain and the City Hall of Seville, made its debut in 1991 and has become a reference in Andalusia and Spain, having achieved a prominent position in the national and international symphonic panorama. In 1995 the King Juan Carlos I granted it with the Royal rank…

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Flamenco Party

As the name suggests, our Flamenco Fiesta is an incredibly lively show with a party-like atmosphere. The performance resembles the typical informal gatherings of family and friends where people drink, sing, and dance Flamenco…

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Flamenco Piano

Surprise your guests with something they will never expect! Guitarist, dancer and a singer. This is the well-known and well-loved structure of most Flamenco shows, but it is not widely known that Flamenco is played with instruments other than these…

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Latino Jazz

On the dance floor, or as an accompaniment to dinner, wherever you decide to place them, our new Latin Jazz band will enliven any sort of event! These engaging musicians are sure to delight your guests and create a festive atmosphere…


If you would like to teach your clients the art of Flamenco in a fun and interactive environment we have artists who can help you achieve this. We have performed numerous shows and assisted many people who have enjoyed their experience learning Flamenco. 

Event Testimonials

“Thank you so much for your amazing performers, direction, being so incredibly together and responsible with great attention to detail and delightful personalities.”

Ms. Meg Whitman

CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (USA)

“Thanks for putting together an incredible performance for us.”

Mr. Panos Sarantopoulos

President and CEO of Krug Champagne (France)

“Many Congratulations for a marvellous concert in Moscow!”

Ms. Elena Demina

Marketing Department for Carrera y Carrera (Spain)