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Dani de Morón

He began accompanying dance maestros as Manuela Carrasco, Javier Baron or Joaquin el Grilo and singers such as Jose Merce or Arcangel. However, his ultimate accolade was being asked by the maestro Paco de Lucía to accompany him as second guitarist on the tour of the album “Good Little Things”, an experience that would open a new dimension and catapult to the forefront of the flamenco guitar.
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Manuel de la Luz

The opening night of his new show at the 18th edition of the Flamenco Biennial of Sevilla 2014 established Manuel as one of the best flamenco guitarists of the world along with Tomatito, Dani de Morón and Miguel Angel Cortes. This original production recreates the abundant knowledge of the author and the influence of great figures throughout his trajectory…
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Flamenco Guitarists

Our Flamenco Guitarists are available for a range of different occasions and are always a fun and authentically Spanish addition! You can book a guitarist to play a concert in a theatre, or to provide enriching background entertainment at a cocktail party…
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Antonio Andrade Guitar Duo

Antonio Andrade guitar duo ensures an intimate Flamenco concert, and just by adding a couple of timbres, such as a singer and a dancer, it can encompass all the essence and richness of Flamenco. Therefore, this format has lots of musical and visual possibilities for all kinds of theatre sizes. Watch and enjoy!
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Flamenco saxophone, Guitar & Contemporary dance

An exciting and fresh new production which consists of three different performers, bringing their work together to create a fusion which is unique and innovative. This is an exhilarating new artistic and musical experiment which breaks down boundaries and creates a whole new genre for audiences worldwide. The three artists in this production include: the saxophonist Gautama del Campo, the guitarist and singer Ezequiel Reina and the Flamenco dancer Gero Domínguez. These performers bring their three diverse talents together to create a thrilling new production that is challenges the status quo of Flamenco music and dance. The synthesis of their three artistic skills creates something that has never before been seen, or even expected.

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Spanish Guitarist

Our guitarists have extensive experience performing in important Spanish theatres as well as at intimate private events. These talented musicians will enhance any sort of event with your favourite classical Spanish songs…