Based in Seville, where Flamenco was born


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Barcelona Flamenco Ballet

Barcelona Flamenco Ballet was founded in 2017 and had the premiere of its first show “Flamenco Reborn” in Barcelona. It became so popular that it was sold out and the event even became popular on social media. Due to its success it was publicised on important billboards nationwide, including at the “Teatro Reina Victoria” in Madrid. With this came more success along with more performances in the south of the country, as well as international Festivals…

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Flamenco Beliefs

Flamenco Beliefs is a powerful and richly symbolic new production which showcases previously unexplored parallels between flamenco and religion (Christianity, Islam and Buddhism). The show provides a fascinating exploration into the particular pertinence of these subjects in Spain, highlighting their primary theme of tradition.

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4 Women 4

This new Flamenco Ballet is made up of four female dancers plus two main dancers and four musicians. Through careful choreography and wardrobe, “4 Women 4” deals with the labour difficulties experienced by women and the changing family model, providing a historiographic revision of the evolution of women’s rights from the 19th century until today.
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Crimson blood on golden sand. Passionate love and the sweetest death. Beauty and pain. Reason and brutality. TORERA by Antonio Andrade Flamenco Company tells the story of the strained coexistence of the conflicting sides of human nature.Deep tensions pulsating beneath the surface peak when the characters are confronted by the conflicting masks of their own reflections…
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Belen Maya

Twenty years ago, “Flamenco” by Carlos Saura, an indispensable film in the filmography of the flamenco song form, known as the cante jondo, premiered. In his film, the filmmaker director chose Belén Maya as one of the representatives of the new aesthetics of flamenco. Her image even inspired the promotional poster of the film. Belén Maya’s freshness, originality and personality captivated the prestigious filmmaker, who justified his choice with the eloquent phrase: “it doesn’t seem like flamenco”. 

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DJ & Flamenco

Now, Flamenco sounds like techno too. The dancing is still in the Flamenco style, but it adopts its own personal, electric, performative language.
The resonant space and bass sounds are the basis for creating an atmosphere full of rhythms and textures, which come together to create a musically and pysically explosive mix.

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This contemporary and flamenco duo draws from their collective memory and experiences to create a unique language. Anybody can take part in and contribute to Flamenco, but there are codes that we have to follow: how to wave a hand, how to harmonize, and how to tap your feet in time…










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