Jaime Trancoso selflessly offers conferences, courses, masterclasses or didactic seminars, even with pre-concert formats. So much so he has participated in a large number of international conferences, such as the Royal Opera House Muscat in Oman (ROHM), Førde Traditional and World Music Festival (Norway, EFFE Award winners) or Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS, Romania).  

These are some of our most recent conferences & collaborations:

‘The Art of Flamenco. Symposium’, celebrated at the Royal Opera House Muscat (Oman).

We introduced flamenco to a new audience at the Royal Opera Muscat explaining what flamenco is and where it comes from, its disciplines, and the history of its art form. An incredible duo, scholar Jaime Trancoso alongside flamenco legend Paco Peña provided an overview with their extensive knowledge of flamenco, and carried out a healthy discussion with the audience. As a manager, agent and producer, as well as the director and founder of Flamenco Agency, Dr. Trancoso has placed flamenco artists and Spanish flamenco ballet companies at some of the most important festivals and theatres in the world.

‘Royal Symphonic Orchestra of Seville pre-concert conferences (ROSS)’, celebrated at the Maestranza Opera House, Seville (Spain).

In this conference we put into context the compositions of those who later performed that evening for the Royal Symphonic Orchestra of Seville. During the pre-concert conferences we provided an introduction of the music styles and the composers’ contexts. We also explained in detail the structure of the pieces and forms to enable the audience to get the most out of the concert.

‘The flamenco piano in Cádiz and Seville: Past, Present and Future’, celebrated at Centro Municipial de Arte Flamenco La Merced, Cádiz (Spain).

The Flamenco Art Centre of Cádiz presented a flamenco piano festival. Jaime Trancoso was accompanied by Sergio Monroy, Maria del Carmen, Lopéz Castro, Diego Gallego and Laura De Los Ángeles at the conference. The flamenco piano star Diego Amador also performed during this flamenco piano week.

‘What is Flamenco Piano?’, celebrated at Flamenco Peña la Serrana, Cazalla de la Sierra, Seville (Spain).​

Jaime Trancoso, CEO of Flamenco Agency, gave a talk at the Flamenco “Peña” or Flamenco Club La Serrana. He received his PhD in Flamenco from the University of Seville obtaining a prize by the Seville City Council for his doctoral thesis (whose PhD covers the flamenco piano history in its 5 music centuries and musicological analyses more than 300 authors pieces). Also present at the conference was Laura de los Angeles, who illustrated the talk playing the piano.  

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