Flamenco Agency Flamenco Ballets go online

We are extremely excited to announce that Flamenco Agency’s ‘4 Women 4’ will be featured online at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival this month! The event, originally programmed for this June, had to regrettably reschedule to 2021 due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, in a bid to keep the festival close to its dedicated audience, SITF have moved to an online platform! This special online edition is redefining the arts as we know it. Now more than ever, we need the arts to get us through this period of uncertainty, as it is something we can enjoy that gives us a sense of familiarity and empowerment in our new normal. Accordingly, the Sibiu International Theatre Festival theme is ‘Empowered’ and will be streamed online on the festival’s socials and website on 12th-21st June 2020. The line-up is made up of artists who have received- or who will receive- stars on its Walk of Fame. The online event will be taking place for 10 days, lasting 12 hours each day, representing the best from their genres. 

Not only will we be present at the online edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival with our production of ‘4 women 4’, but the show fits the festival theme perfectly. Through careful choreography and wardrobe, ‘4 Women 4’ deals with the labour difficulties experienced by women and the changing family model, providing a historiographic revision of the evolution of women’s rights from the 19th century until today. In turn, the role of women and their rights as we know them, are an encouraging sense of empowerment in themselves, linking that with the very current and applicable theme of ‘empowered’, which is an attempt to empower us “to trust the future”, even though it may seem very uncertain at the moment. 

As well as our production of ‘4 women 4’, we will also be attending the Sibiu Performing Arts Market. Not only are we looking forward to seeing the talented artists and dancers, but we are more so excited at the prospect of and the introduction of online festivals! Being in such an unprecedented time, an online edition of the SITF is something we can all very much look forward to and allow ourselves to enjoy the arts again. As we know, the arts were, and still are, a heavily affected aspect of the pandemic and continue to be for the foreseeable future. However, even though we can’t attend the festival in the traditional way, thanks to SITF we can now continue to regardless, from the comfort of our own homes. 

If, like us, you are more than excited to hear that you can still attend a performance of ‘4 women 4’ at the SITF, then don’t forget to join us and the Sibiu International Theatre Festival on the 16 June, 2020 at 12:40 PM GMT+3 (Check your time zone here). 

We look forward to seeing you online!