IAM magazine with Jaime Trancoso

Over recent weeks, CEO Jaime Trancoso was interviewed by the prestigious and leading performing arts magazine ‘IAM’!  https://indd.adobe.com/view/961aaa6c-486d-4c9f-a676-bdae7f0f3f56

Based in London, England, IAM has an international reach and creative approach to the performing arts. The latest edition of IAM covers the Covid-19 crisis and how leaders in the field are continuing their work, in order to keep the sector moving. The interview with Jaime covers many aspects of working in the ‘new normal’ and reveals how Flamenco Agency have continued on regardless of the pandemic. 

The interview covers what has changed in the performing arts industry; what digitalisation means for Flamenco Agency; how CEO Jaime Trancoso has been spending his corona spring and finally, if we will change how we do business in the future. The interview is a snapshot into our current reality and is an honour of ours to be a feature. 
Catch us on pages 19-21, you do not want to miss it! https://indd.adobe.com/view/961aaa6c-486d-4c9f-a676-bdae7f0f3f56