Manolo Carrasco

Manolo Carrasco is an exquisite pianist, considered by music critics as ‘The Super Pianist’. Unimaginable technique, flawless execution, perfect dynamics and tension – the list goes on and on. He has performed worldwide playing the great classics of Spanish and flamenco music, becoming one of the most popular international artists on the music scene from Spain. Carrasco has been awarded many national and international prizes, and has recorded 12 albums.

Manolo Carrasco’s performances are unique, with the original music programmes composed and played by him on the piano. His shows take you on a journey through the best of Spanish flamenco music with other famous pieces; from the 19th century, up until today. They feature pieces from well-known Spanish music maestros and flamenco choreographers.

We are touring with two different shows, so you can program either ‘Carmen’ or ‘Sounds from Spain’. Both shows tour with 12 artists, 6 dancers and 6 musicians (piano, guitar, violin, flute and 2 singers). Let us provide to you an unforgettable performance that is sure to be a great success!

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