Naturally Flamenco

The Andalusian Flamenco Ballet is the highest institutional representative of flamenco and has played, since its creation in 1994 —over 25 years ago—, the role of ambassador of flamenco.

Artistic expression is part of human nature. It has existed since the dawn of our species. Consequently, it is the result of a process of natural evolution, as well as of our own evolution as individuals.

Music and dance are a universal language, a way of expressing and conveying emotions and feelings, and for the region of Andalusia flamenco is its most meaningful expression, its innermost soul—the cultural manifestation of an entire people, born of their roots and nourished by their unique, intrinsic history. Flamenco is a strong voice in that riotous inner chorus, welling up from the storehouse of experiences that define us as individual members of a single species. That is why it thrills us and stirs our emotions, for no one is impervious to feeling. It penetrates the very core of those who experience it, moving and speaking directly to the heart, without frills or fanfare. It has no need of them. Flamenco is natural.

All this is made patent in Naturally Flamenco, a production that presents this intangible world heritage in a sincere, authentic way. It is the natural consequence of the combined enthusiasm, knowledge and remarkable sensibility of the members of the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía, professionals with an abiding passion for flamenco who have much to tell us about this art. With the choreographic input of Rubén Olmo —former director of the Andalusian Flamenco Ballet and winner of the National Dance Prize—, the artistic guidance of Úrsula López, —who has a long history with the company— and the active contributions of the cast, this show clearly proves that learning is a lifelong process in the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía.

By this point in time, flamenco dance has become part of nature and life itself, free and unfettered by anything but the discipline that teaches its practitioners the art of being simply natural. And so the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía seeks and strives for freedom, naturally.

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