Nordic Tour, Sweden & Denmark, 2023

Last year we had the honour of participating in such a special and historic occasion as the first show of the first edition of the new Nordjyllands Internationale Dansefestival, titled Dansekraft in Aalborg (Denmark). The festival was such a success that we have been invited again to perform with the same company, Barcelona Flamenco Ballet, on the 2nd edition of the festival, this time with “Flamenco Reborn”. You can book your tickets on this website:

It was very encouraging to open a new festival and it is amazing to be returning this year. Therefore, we would like to thank Skråen for believing in our artists and shows. As we love the idea of bringing again Flamenco to Aalbourg, we also want to seize this opportunity to offer a free workshop for the local dance community, exactly like last year:

In Flamenco Agency we try to design our tours sustainable and more affordable for our clients, by splitting the cost of the transportation, and offer more visibility to our artists, we tried to tour the Nordic countries. By programming more than one event at the same time we want to reduce the CO2 emissions produced from flying, increase the visibility of our Flamenco productions, and help our clients to split the cost of the flights. In line with these efforts. Therefore, we are also very excited to perform in Sweden, the previous day, on September 7th!

After the success of our performance with Antonio Andrade Guitar Duo in 2021, we are delightedto announce that we will be returning to VictoriaTeatern in Malmö, Sweden on June 7th, this time presenting Flamenco Reborn by Barcelona Flamenco Ballet, a visually stunning production that showcases the beauty and passion of flamenco dance. You can also book these tickets here:

In addition, to promote these performances, we will be attending the conference IETM in Aarhus from 12th to 15th of June 2023, with a very interesting program about sustainability:

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