Based in Seville, where Flamenco was born


Antonio Amaya, better known in the world of Flamenco and to his friends and family as “Petete” is a “bailaor” and “palmero” from Seville. He was born into a family of artists; one of these being Remedios Amaya, who is one of the greatest female voices of recent decades.

The first time that he performed in a tablao was by the hand of maestro Torombo in the Tablao Flamenco Los Gallos at 7 years old. From then onwards he has performed in: Algeria, Russia, Poland, France, Italy etc. He also studied with well-known maestros such as: José Galván, Rafael Campallo, Andrés Peña, Juanito de los Reyes, Torombo, Pepe Torres and Charo Cala.

He has been casted by the Charo Cala company for Edinburgh festival, and for the Moratana show as part of the Biennial of Seville with Pastora Galván and Rubén Olmos. In addition, during the Biennial of Seville he performed with Cristian Guerrero, Antonio Rey, Manuel Parrilla and Bernardo Parrilla.

Furthermore, he has also shared the stage with other famous artists such as: Farruquito, Juan de Juan, Remedios Amaya, Mari Vizarraga, Pepe Torres, El Perla, Rubio de Pruna, Juan José Amador, Pedro Sierra, and Enrique Extremeño, among others.

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