A Rendez-Vous

The simple, floral pillars perfectly frame the opening to Rendez-Vous, a show which begins quietly and softly. The introduction with the female soloist dancer reflects the state of the garden setting: tranquil, gentle, beautiful. A slow tension builds as she moves her way across the stage: it is as if she is searching for something else, something different. 

She is then accompanied by the male dancer, with whom she shares intimacy as they dance in the garden, and thus the very ‘rendez-vous’, the garden encounter, begins. It seems that the pastoral setting is well-suited to their companionship, with its traditional romantic themes and emphasis on natural magnificence. The pastoral is also usually depicted as an ‘idealised’ version of outdoor life, and this idealised perfection is portrayed through the carefully followed dance steps.  

The show is a fascinating study into solitariness and partnership. The principal moment of companionship is placed at the centre of the production, and the individual performances slot around this, functioning to highlight the tender emotions and charisma at the heart of Rendez-Vous 

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