ACE gives 14.750 € for flights and accommodation to Festivals programming our Flamenco productions!

Four different international organisations have received a total of 14.750€ from The Accion Cultural Española 2021 grants for festivals and venues interested in programming Flamenco Agency’s ballet.

The list includes one of the oldest and most prestigious festivals in the Czech Republic, Smetana’s Litomyšl National Festival; one of the newest venues in Latvia, the Great Amber Hall in Liepāja; the most relevant festival in Romania, Sibiu International Theatre Festival; plus also a notorious festival in Serbia, Novi Sad Music Festival NOMUS.

Please, remember that not only festivals can apply for it, but also opera houses, theatres, venues, performing art centres, etc. Please, have a look at our shows and tell us what date you would like to program us! Flamenco Agency will also be at Sibiu Performing Arts Market from August 23-26, 2021, and Womex in Porto from October 27-31, 2021, in the upcoming months!